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is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. According to dietarians, physiologists and pediatricians, quality food products have great importance for mental and physical development of a human organism and are the sources of its longevity. For maintenance of a healthy lifestyle we give you easy to consume, light and natural products of the Russian and global producers!

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is one of the most important food products for people. Milk is rich with mineral nutrients: Calcium, Phosphorus, and it contains Magnesium in plenty. That is why dairy products are a substantial and easily digestible meal. Milk perfectly helps to relieve stress and nervous tension. When is it better time to drink milk? For children – whenever possible, for adults it is better in the evening, after a busy working day.

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is an all-embracing product. It “co-opts” absolutely all the most healthy components of milk and, what is even more important, contains them in a concentrated form. Cheese is rich with proteins and mineral salts. Cheese contains up to 22% proteins, which is more than in meat, up to 30% fat, from 400 to 700 mg of mineral Calcium and Phosphorus salts and all the vitamins from milk.

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Meat and meat products

are the main supplier of proteins necessary for formation of a human body’s tissues. Sausage products, smoked meat products and canned meat are distinguished by a considerable nutritional value and high gustatory quality, because less valuable tissues are removed from the raw material at production, and then the products are enriched with various nutritional supplements of vegetable and animal origin.


„NELT Company” LLC is the leading operator in the field of distribution of dairy and meat products by popular global and Russian producers.

With use of our well-developed company’s infrastructure, our partners substantially reduce their operational expenses and can always swiftly respond to the intensive sales growth. High reputation of „NELT Company” is proved by reliance of global producers: we are the exclusive national distributor in the territory of Russia of dairy products of TM „Svalija”, ТМ „Exquisa”, ТМ „Zott”, ТМ „Meggle”, ТМ „Milino”, ТМ „Ciresa”, soy products of ТМ „Joya”, meat and sausage products of ТМ „Biovela”, ТМ „Principe”, ТМ „Meinen”, ТМ „Carnex”.


Sour cream „Svalija” has changed its package! Now your favourite sour cream is available in a more bright and rich color palette of the „SVALIJA” mark style with two types of fat content – 22% and 30% (under the firm name „Tridtsatka”) in two plastic cans of 200 g and 380 g.


From March 2014 „Pieno Žvaigždės” JSC (ТМ „Svalija”, Lithuania) starts deliveries of a new type of cheese „Parnidžio” in the form of slices 150 g and a chop of 200 g to Russia. The name of the trademark of this cheese is the name of the largest dune in Lithuania - Parnidžio, the top of which commands a fine view of the Couronian lagoon and the Baltic sea.

Parnidžio is a hard cheese matured for more than 6 months. Hard cheese is rightfully considered to be the king of cheeses, as this sort is one of the most popular in the world. Such success can well be explained: its fine spicy aroma, slightly salty, nutty taste and deep yellow color are the qualities highly valued by the turophiles. The more the cheese is matured the firmer texture it has, the more intense are its naturally tender taste and aroma.

At the production of „Parnidžio” cheese only spring and summer milk is used, it does not content any non natural ingredients. It may be used as a dressing for noodle products, rice, soups and salads. Also it is recommended to serve it at the end of meal, for dessert, or before dessert. Cheese is best matched with slightly cooled red wine.