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Milk – is it a liquid product or a productive drink? Most probably, two-in-one, because it both satiates and quenches thirst.

Dietarians relate milk to products: „Milk is one of the main food products, it contains all the substances, without which a human organism cannot normally exist, these are: complete proteins, fats, carbohydrates, inorganic salts (mineral nutrients), vitamins”.

In fact, milk is the source of Calcium and vitamin D, so necessary for building up the skeleton and maintaining its strength; Phosphorus and vitamin А, which are required for mental acrivity and vision; Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and vitamin B complex - indispensable for functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems; vitamins С and Е, maintaining hormone and immune systems and the reproductive function of the organism. Initial intent of milk consists in ensuring growth and development of a newborn organism, inadaptive by nature to perceive other products. Naturally, it contains everything!

A child for the first year of its life grows more than in all the other years, being fed by its mother’s milk or milk formulae. A case is known: a villager has lived to 90 years, consuming only milk and bread.

Beside the nutritional function, milk performs also the function of neutralizing toxines, appearing in the organism as a result of the metabolic process or entering the organism from the outside. That is why people working with harmful chemical substances are supposed to get a daily portion of milk in the amount of 0,5 l per person according to the "Legislation on work safety".

The specific feature of goat milk is its high fat content. Some cases were observed, when goat milk cured serious diseases, particularly gastric ulcer and pulmonary tuberculosis.

In sum, milk is a product, a drink, an antidote (detoxicant) and cure at the same time. So should we refuse from consuming such an outstanding elixir of life?

Source: www.health.passion.ru